Asylum Update – 17th March 2008

Female asylum seekers
This report by Asylum Aid, the European Women’s Lobby and the Refugee Women’s Resource argues for gender guidelines to implement the EU qualification directive and the asylum procedures directive.

Border controls
A new report from the European Council on Refugees and Exiles examines the impact of tighter EU border controls on the ability of refugees to seek asylum in Europe.

Citizenship review

Lord Goldsmith’s Citizenship Review recommends reconsideration of the work prohibition placed on asylum seekers, and of the five year limit to refugee status.
Press coverage of government response here
See also ippr paper on issues raised by the review.

Country reports
The USA Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor has released its annual publication ‘Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2007’

Bail system
A new joint report by Bail for Immigration Detainees and the Refugee Council examines the bail application process by video link for detained asylum seekers and migrants.

New publications include
strategy paper on UNHCR’s role in support of the return and reintegration of displaced populations
– Ivory Coast country briefing
submission to the Labour Party’s second year policy consultation process

Scottish directory
Positive Action in Housing is publishing a new Scottish-wide directory of services, organisations etc relevant to new migrant, refugee, and minority ethnic communities. For inclusion fill this form.

Call for articles
Forced Migration Review seeks contributions to forthcoming features on climate change and displacement (deadline 1st April) and statelessness.

IAC event
The Independent Asylum Commission’s interim findings will be presented at the House of Commons on 27th March at 11:00, in the first of three launch events across the country. Email the IAC to reserve a place.


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