Asylum Update – 26th March 2008

New publications include
– Asylum levels and trends in industrialized countries (2007). Shows a rise in asylum applications to industrialized countries for first time in five years, largely due to increase in Iraqi applicants.
compilation of case law on refugee protection in international law. Brings together 70 of the most important judgments/decisions.
country updates from the Strengthening Protection Capacity Project, on different states’ capacities to receive and protect refugees.
– Afghanistan country briefing folder

Iraqi refugees
A new ECRE survey looks at access of Iraqi asylum seekers to EU and their treatment once there. On Iraqi refugee crisis see also new reports from IOM and International Rescue Committee

ICAR consultation on attitudes and relations amongst and between the host population, asylum seekers and refugees and other new migrants.
Full report and summary available here

ASP/IAP news
The Asylum Support Partnership now replaces the Inter Agency Partnership. Their latest newsletter covers the destitution tally results, removals to Zimbabwe, and more.

Children and destitution
New Children’s Society study on destitution among asylum seeking and refugee children.

On sub-saharan migrants in transit in Morocco en route to EU. Organized by the Migrants Rights Network and Moroccan organisation ABCDS. London, 1st April. More information here


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