Asylum Update – 11th June 2008


Destitution in the Asylum System in Leicester is a new report commissioned by the Leicester Refugee and Asylum Seekers Voluntary Sector Forum and co-ordinated by Refugee Action, which surveys 135 destitute asylum seekers.

The Children, Youth and Migration Network is an international network of researchers and professionals set up following the recent Children and Migration conference in Cork. Anyone with an interest in these issues can join.

Journal article (1): Risk and resilience for psychological distress amongst unaccompanied asylum seeking adolescents by Matthew Hodes (et al). Available online now for future publication in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. See abstract and press release

Journal article (2): Understanding Integration: A Conceptual Framework, by Alistair Ager and Alison Strang. Read online in the Journal of Refugee Studies Vol. 21 No. 2


Policy and law

The Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association has produced two new information sheets: Immigration Rules – concessions on general grounds for refusal and Access to Healthcare

UNHCR has published Building a Europe of Asylum: UNHCR’s Recommendations to France for its European Union Presidency (July – December 2008). It contains eleven recommendations for ensuring that future asylum initiatives are fully grounded in the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees.

The House of Lords has this week debated the Immigration (Registration Card) Order, which will extend criminal offences for misuse of the ARC card to those on Section 4 support.

Managing the Impacts of Migration: a Cross Government Approach is a new strategy paper from the Communities and Local Government department. It focuses on five main areas: border controls; improved population data; funding for cohesion; transition impacts projects; and migrant workers.

The department has at the same time published a Review of Migrant Integration Policy which includes a feasibility study of the need for an Integration Agency to support new migrants, as recommended by the Commission for Integration and Cohesion.

In a further response to the Commission’s report, the first Specialist Cohesion Team Pilot will be launched in Breckland. The Pilot seeks to provide extra government support for areas where migration is considered to have had a particularly strong impact.



Refugee Week is a UK wide programme of events which celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK. 



Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has expressed his “strong disapproval” of the Dungavel Removal Centre and dawn raids on asylum seekers in Scotland to Liam Byrne, the UK immigration minister. This comes after fresh calls to close the centre in light of what human rights groups and churches claim is its detrimental effect on vulnerable women and children.



Two guides with information specifically for and about asylum seekers and refugees have been updated. The new information focuses on work, training and education. The guides were produced by RAGU (Refugee Assessment and Guidance Unit) at London Metropolitan University with one version for advisors and another for their clients. Translations available.

The May edition of the Asylum Support Partnership newsletter is now available and contains articles on Refugee Week and the Saving Sanctuary Report amongst others.




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