Asylum Update – July 2nd 2008


Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS) have released a briefing paper on racism, destitution and asylum, examining links between racial victimization and destitution.

A warm welcome? Public services and managing migration in London is a new report by Michael Bell Associates for the London Asylum Seekers Consortium commissioned “as a scoping exercise to explore the management of public services and migrants in London.”

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) have produced No Choice, a report on the dangers faced by Somali and Ethiopian refugees crossing the gulf of Aden.

The Spanish Commission for Refugee Support’s yearly report covers both Spain and Europe, and focuses on access to protection, resettlement and the border externalisation process. The conclusions are available in English.

The new issue of the International Journal of Refugee Law (Vol 20 No 1) features ‘EU Refugee Qualification Directive: a Brave New World?’ by Hugo Story.

Global Governance Vol 14 No 2 contains articles by Alexander Betts on North-South Cooperation in the Refugee Regime: The Role of Linkages and Beth Elise Whitaker on Funding the International Refugee Regime: Implications for Protection

Policy and law

The Home Office and Department for Children, Schools and Families have announced that the Borders Agency has a legal duty to keep children from harm, to be enshrined in the Immigration BiIl going before parliament in 2008-9. This follows an earlier consultation over a code of practice. See also Children’s Society response

The European Council on Refugees and Exiles has presented a Memorandum to the incoming French EU Presidency, entitled “Seizing the opportunity to create a meaningful Common European Asylum System”. It proposes six actions to protect refugees. The French Presidency will present its proposed `European Pact on Immigration and Asylum’ to Justice and Home Affairs Ministers on 6/7 July.

New UNHCR documents include:


The Independent Asylum Commission will have finished reviewing the UK asylum system and making recommendations for reform by the end of August 2008.

  • On July 10 it launches its Third Report of Conclusions and Recommendations at the Refugee Rights and Realities Conference (Swansea University).
  • On July 16 and July 22 it will launch its Conclusions and Recommendations in Scotland and Northern Ireland respectively.


A podcast is now available of the lecture by Lord Malloch-Brown, Minister of State for Africa, Asia and the UN, for the Refugee Studies Centre on ‘Reputational Hazard: Rescuing Refugees in the Era of Illegal Immigration and Terrorism’.

The Children’s Society Leading Edge initiative aims to improve the experience of young refugees in education. It provides support to parents and carers, homework clubs and anti-bullying projects, and raises awareness of the needs and experiences of young refugees.


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