Asylum Update – August 6th 2008


Earned Amnesty: Bringing Illegal Workers out of the Shadows is a new report from the CentreForum think-tank which in arguing for an ‘earned amnesty’ states that asylum seekers to make up a ‘significant proportion’ of undocumented migrants in the UK. See list of press coverage here

Unreasonably Destitute is a new report from the Asylum Support Appeals Project focussing on the nature of access to Section 4 support for refused asylum seekers seeking to leave the UK.

Journal article: EU Immigration and Asylum Policy – The Hague Programme and the way forward by Richard Plender, in ERA-Forum Vol 9 No 2.

The Home Office’s Country of Origin Information Service has published new Country Reports on Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe (the latter with a later Bulletin update) and Key Documents on Burundi, Georgia and South Korea.


Policy and law

The UK Border Agency’s Section 4 Transition to Target Contracts project has ended with all c7,000 asylum seekers supported under Section 4 now in accommodation provided by those public and private organizations awarded regionally-based 5-year ‘target contracts’ to accommodate asylum seekers in 2006. In the project’s final phase 400 Section 4-supported asylum seekers were moved out of London.

The Home Office has released information on ‘Families in Immigration Detention’ under the Freedom of Information Act. The data covers numbers of adults, families and children detained in three centres between September and December 2007.

The August issue of Migrants Rights News carries a ‘critical review’ of The Communities and Local Government Department’s two strategy papers published in July, which covered the local management of migration impacts and its integration policies.

In this recent article, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg tackles the question of limits on refugee family reunification in the light of international agreements.

The EU Commission has begun a consultation on the role of education in supporting the migrant integration of migrants and how migrant children can achieve more. The deadline for comments on the current Green Paper is 31 December 2008.

UNHCR’s Refworld website has created a one-stop access page to the key legal documents, declarations and resolutions from the UN relating to human rights, and major UNHCR policy documents.



Following on from a three-year community project operated by Refugee Action in Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol, the Refugee Awareness Project has launched an interactive website “for people who support refugees in their communities and want to make their voices heard.”

“Maliamu” is a 15 minute docu-drama which explores the link between managed migration policy and destitution. The film is designed to help small organisations with fundraising and education and is available from the director


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