Asylum Update – August 13th 2008


Global Health Advocacy Project has published Where’s the Consultation?, an analysis of previously undisclosed submissions to a 2004 Department of Health public consultation on ‘Proposals to Exclude Overseas Visitors from Eligibility to Free NHS Primary Medical Services.’ See also press coverage

Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance (GARA) has published State of the Nation – Race and Racism in Scotland 2008 – a report on data relating to BME people in Scotland, including specific information on refugees and asylum seekers and Glasgow as a dispersal area.

The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has released South Asia Human Rights Index 2008 – a comparative evaluation of the human rights records of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal, and India.

Irregular Migration from West Africa to the Maghreb and the European Union: An Overview of Recent Trends is a study of irregular West African migration to the Maghreb and Europe, published as part of the International Organization for Migration’s IOM Migrant Research Series (No 32).

The summer 2008 issue of the International Journal of Sociology (Vol 38 No 2) is a special issue dedicated to ‘Antiracist and Migrant Organizing in Four States of the European Union’ and guest edited by Helena Flam (University of Leipzig) and Catherine Lloyd (University of Oxford).

Education for Primary Care Vol 19 No 4 contains an article on How to teach trainees about primary care for refugees and asylum seekers by Gervase Vernon.


Policy and law

UNHCR has published a list of Selected Documents Relating to National Security and Counter-Terrorism Relevant to International Refugee Protection. The list includes main UNHCR policy and legal documents, international instruments and documents from various United Nations bodies.

The United Nations has published the Concluding Observations of the Human Rights Committee on the periodic human rights report submitted by the UK. The issues of detention of asylum seekers and deportation of foreign nationals to countries deemed unsafe are among those covered. 



The European Regional and Local Authorities for the Integration of Migrants (ERLAIM) will hold a self-titled conference in Brussels on 15 July The conference seeks to highlight the results of the comparative analysis of legal frameworks in South European countries, Slovenia and the UK and to promote the flow of information from a European to a regional level.



Refugee community organisations (RCOs) can now download a comprehensive fundraising toolkit from the Basis Project – a new support service for RCOs led by Refugee Council and Refugee Action.

The Refugee Council has published new issues of two bimonthly bulletins dedicated to the work of refugee community organisations: RCO News and RCO Women’s News


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