The new RefBlog

ICAR’s Refblog is changing. When launched almost two years ago, Refblog was a series of blogs authored by specific staff members. While these blogs have been successful and built up a loyal following, we have decided to consolidate both blogs along with ICAR’s Asylum Update into a single blog here on WordPress, which we have been piloting for a few weeks.

Refblog will continue to bring you:

  • Comment: Analysis and opinion on news stories, events and contemporary academic and policy thinking on asylum and refugees in the UK and, increasingly, offering a global context the domestic scene
  • Asylum Update: Weekly bulletins providing links to new research, policy, articles, events and other relevant resources keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening in the refugee sector
  • Worth Reading: Providing readers with the pick of articles and essays from a wider range of sources from the web and covering diverse subjects that can provide useful context for asylum and refugees issues in the UK

In addition, the Refblog will be developing by incorporating guest posts and interviews. The former mediablog and policyblog will remain archived on the ICAR site and are available on the blogroll.

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